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Information Network

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Education Information Network
Education Information Network

Distance education was put to service in order to not interrupt the learning processes of students enrolled in formal education institutions that were shut down in the Covid-19 process.

Education Information Network

The Education Informatics Network, briefly EBA, is an educational electronic content network of a social nature established by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education in Türkiye. It was designed and is being operated by the Directorate General of Innovation and Education Technologies affiliated to the Ministry.

Education Information Network
  • ico 18 Million Students
  • ico 7 Day 24 Hour Available Infrastructure
  • ico 16 Billion 348 Million 941 Thousand Clicks

The purpose of the network is to ensure the integration of technology into education using information technologies wherever necessary. EBA was developed, and is still being improved, to offer reliable and accurate e-content suitable for respective grades.

While there are digital resources prepared by the Ministry of National Education and educational institutions volunteering to share their contents, teachers and students are also able to present the content they create. Parents and teachers can follow the quality of education and make their own contributions to the education process through EBA.