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Vefa Social
Support Groups

Vefa Social Support Groups have responded to millions of requests. *
Vefa Social Support Groups
Vefa Social Support Groups

Vefa Social Support Groups, formed by the Ministry of Interior under the coordination of provincial and district governorships, displayed the best examples of solidarity, cooperation and volunteering during the pandemic. Vefa Social Support Group volunteers, who came to the fore with emotional news from time to time, rushed to the aid of citizens over the age of 65 and extended the compassionate hand of the state to the needy in difficult times.

Citizens aged 65 and over with chronic illnesses can reach the Vefa Social Support line at 112, 155 and 156.

Number of persons on duty
144 thousand 907 *

Elderly/disabled pension payments, retirement payments, İŞKUR payments, and Economic Stability Packages were made to citizens aged 65 and over by Vefa teams in their homes.

Number of requests received
10 million 673 thousand 013 *
Number of houses
6 million 649 thousand 461 *
Amount of payment made within the scope of the Economic Stability Package
2 billion 926 million 956 thousand TL *
The Presidency also delivered 5 million 991 thousand 887 gift boxes that included masks and cologne to citizens through Vefa Social Support Groups.
Vefa Social Support Groups
* https://www.aa.com.tr/tr/koronavirus/vefa-sosyal-destek-gruplari-yaklasik-9-5-milyon-talebe-yanit-verdi/2116218
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