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Protect yourself and people from Covid-19

Advice for the Public

If Covid-19 spreads in the community, stay safe by taking some precautions such as maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask, ventilating the rooms, refraining from crowds, cleaning hands and coughing on bended elbows or tissue. Check the local advices at where you live and work.
Follow all advices!

Do not forget the basis of good hygiene practice.
Refrain from crowds or indoor spaces; however, if it is not possible to apply this rule, then take measures: Open a window. Increase the level of ‘natural ventilation’ inside the room.

stay home

Maintain at least 1-meter distance between you and others to minimize risk of getting infected while coughing, sneezing or talking. Increase the distance between you and others in indoors. The more distance the better.

Make wearing a mask a normal part of being with other people. It is important to use, store and clean or dispose of masks properly to increase effectiveness of the masks.

Below are the basics for wearing a mask:

Wash your hands before wearing, before and after removing and after touching your masks. Make sure that your mask covers your nose, mouth and chin. When you remove your mask, put it in a clean plastic bag and wash it daily if you are using a fabric mask or throw them in the trash if you are using medical masks. Do not use valved masks.

Please read the Question-Answer section for details about the type of mask to be used and when the mask should be worn. There is also another Question-Answer section focusing on masks and children. More information can be obtained about how Covid-19 affects people and how our body reacts by watching or reading this interview.

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