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The “unnamed heroes” of intensive care warns of “complacency” for Covid-19.

The “unnamed heroes” of intensive care warns of “complacency” for Covid-19.

The “unnamed heroes” of intensive care warns of “complacency” for Covid-19.

Intensive care workers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus are concerned that their beds will be refilled due to complacency although the number of incidents has decreased and the burden on their shoulders is now lighter.

Intensive care workers battling the new form of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic warned "don’t be complacent" in order to prevent an increase in the number of cases that has decreased in recent days.

Healthcare workers at the Dokuz Eylül University (DEÜ) Research and Application Hospital treated a total of 2,000 Covid-19 patients with 427 of them being in intensive care unit during the past 10 months.

Healthcare workers who struggle day and night to improve their Covid-19 patients at the hospital’s intensive care ward continue to work diligently as they did on the first day, despite fewer cases.

Healthcare workers who received the first vaccines against Covid-19 are happy with the reduced number of incidents which decreased thanks to lockdowns and precautions. This is also reflected in the number of patients in intensive care. The intensive care unit of DEÜ Research Application Hospital is now quieter compared to a few months ago.

In fact, each empty intensive care bed reduces the burden on their shoulders. The workers of intensive care who act with this awareness want the discipline never to be compromised in the fight against the pandemic. The biggest fear of healthcare workers is an increase in the number of cases due to complacency.

Source: AA

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