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UK stores and barbers to reopen on April 12…

UK stores and barbers to reopen on April 12…

UK stores and barbers to reopen on April 12…

As part of easing restrictions on the new type of coronavirus (covid-19) in the UK, it has been announced that businesses such as shops, barbers and gyms will reopen in the country as of April 12.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference with Chief Medical Officer Prof Chris Whitty and the government's science adviser Patrick Vallance in the Prime Minister's office at Number 10 after the Cabinet meeting.

Johnson, who noted that the number of cases and deaths in the country continues to fall, the pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) has disappeared and they have succeeded in vaccination, announced that they have decided to move to the second stage of the 4-stage plan, which they previously announced on easing restrictions in accordance with the data they have.

Johnson stated that as part of the widespread testing program they have started to prevent the spread of the pandemic, they will offer everyone in the country a fast Covid-19 Test, 2 times a week, and citizens will be able to access these tests in pharmacies and health centers.

Noting that studies are continuing on the “Covid-19 passport”, which includes information about testing, vaccination and whether the individual has had the disease, Johnson noted that international travel can be allowed after May 17, but it is still early to make a final decision on this issue.

Whitty noted that they were "successful" in the vaccination program, noting that the number of those who received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the country increased to 31 million 581 thousand 623, which is equivalent to 60 percent of the adult population.

Stating that the number of those who received the second dose of the vaccine reached 5 million 432 thousand 126, Whitty shared the information that there was an 80 percent reduction in the rate of hospitalization in those over the age of 80 who received the vaccine.

Source: AA

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